Chinese Maritime Industry meets Italian Maritime Cluster in Rome

New challenges for the Mediterranean in light of developments in the O. B. O. R. project and the importance of maritime activities for Italy

A meeting was held in Rome days ago between a delegation of the Chinese maritime industry and Federazione del Mare – Italian maritime cluster, respectively headed by Mr Cao Gang, representative of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Mr Mario Mattioli, president of Federazione del Mare and Confitarma, the Italian Shipowners’ Association.
After a presentation of maritime activities in Italy held by Federazione del Mare, SRM Research Center (Intesa SanPaolo Bank) explained what the new maritime challenges are going to be in the Mediterranean, the stage of some of the most recent investment initiatives of the Chinese program One Belt One Road (OBOR).

A debate followed between the Chinese guests and the Italian representatives, allowing Chinese delegation not only to broadly illustrate their investments projects, but to better understand the reality and the economic and political importance of maritime activities in Italy, a country poor in raw materials but with a strong manufacturing industry to supply, and an appreciated tourist destination in general and in cruises in particular. It has been also the occasion to look at the Italian projects in China in the cruise sector, in the construction of passenger ships and in the retro-fitting of vessels for environmental purposes.

On the Chinese side delegates came from their Ministry of Industry, Shipbuilding Division, CSSC – Cruise Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd, China Institute for Marine Technology & Economy, China Shipbuilding Information Center, China Ship Scientific Research Center. On the Italian side, Assonave (shipbuilding), Elettronica Group (maritime equipment), Rosetti Marino Shipyards, Confitarma (shipping), Costa Crociere (cruise), RINA (ship classification) were represented. The Secretary General of SEA Europe (European Shipyards’ & Maritime Equipment Association) also was part of the meeting.