Marine litter: EU actions of the future of our oceans
13 oktober 2020 | 15.00 – 16.45
Marine Litter: EU actions for the future of our Oceans qhis challenge aand potential solutions that the maritime community is working on developing. We supported the organisation of the Ocean Plastic Lab Exhibition in April 2018. We organised multiple conferences and workshops that were a great opportunity for members to engage with the European Commission, the research community and all relevant stakeholders to identify potential EU initiative that would contribute to put an end to marine litter. 
Our Intergroup wants to pursue its efforts in contributing to the fight against marine litter, it is therefore with a great pleasure that we invite the CleanAtlantic project to present the outcomes of its work. 
The partners of the CleanAltantic project have been working together for 3 years in order to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Atlantic by improving capabilities to monitor, prevent and remove marine litter. This event will be a great opportunity to learn more about the achievements of the project and exchange views on potential next steps to be taken at the Altantic and European level. 
Date:October 13, 2020 Location:Online