About us

The European Network of Maritime Clusters is the network of national maritime clusters of EU Member States.

The European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC)

The European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC) was founded in 2005 as a platform for the maritime cluster organisations of EU member states and equivalent organisations. Since then, the ENMC has developed beyond a network for the exchange of information, and best practices into the linking pin between EU member states, interest groups in EU maritime affairs, and the European Commission. Our main goal is to promote collaboration, and to express an European maritime narrative.

A network at Europe's maritime heart

Collaboration is of key importance to secure a bright future for Europe's ever growing blue economy. Together with national maritime clusters, experts, and policy-makers, the ENMC continuously stimulates the creation of a innovative, and sustainable blue economy. In this, Europe is at the fore front.

Our reach and focus

Our main focus is to stimulate collaboration, and cooperation between member state's maritime clusters, existing maritime intersts groups in the EU, and the European Commission. Together, we aim to stimulate the development of the European Blue Economy, in both an European maritime narrative, as well as in sound policy-making.

Member clusters


Member countries

All throughout Europe.
€3 bln.

Economy represented

The second maritime economy in the world.
12 mil.

Employees represented

In the European maritime sector

Representative membership

The ENMC is the European network of over ten national maritime clusters of European member states ranging from the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy to Malta, Bulgaria, Lithuania and the United Kingdom. Together, we represent the majority of all European maritime affairs, and connect key players in the European maritime arena. The national maritime clusters constit of state maritime authorities, policy makers, maritime research institutes and universities, leading maritime businesses and captains of industries, and maritime service providers.

Together, we focus on the stimulation of the European Blue Economy by working together in creating a level playing field, and the cooperation in the making of maritime policy.

ENMC board


Arjen Uytendaal

President - Managing Director of Nederland Maritiem Land, the Dutch Maritime Cluster

"Today the Blue Economy with its vital maritime cluster approach is strong in Europe and matters in terms of jobs, added value, innovation, sustainability solutions and export. But there are no guarantees for the future! In Europe we need to work together; maritime industries, governments and knowledge institutes and to work hard to stay the worlds’ frontrunner."


D. Alejandro Aznar Sainz

Vice-President - President Clúster Marítimo Español, Spanish Maritime Cluster
“The ENMC brings together shipping, ports and maritime services and other stakeholders to speak with a single voice on European key strategic and practical issues, in a framework where oceans become an essential element for citizens, for tackling the supply of resources, ensuring health, food security, efficient and clean energy, green and intelligent integrated transport, and preserving environment and confronting climate change.”

Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan

Vice-President - Managing Director of Cluster Maritime Français, French Maritime Cluster

"Challenges ahead of us are huge (climate changes to mitigate, ocean and marine biodiversity to protect, humanity to feed and to cure, etc…). Many of the responses lie in an innovative and sustainable blue economy. Europe must be at the fore front to tackle these issues. Action of ENMC is capital with regards of this vital question."


amb. Vincenzo Petrone

Vice-President - Board member Federazione del Mare, Italian Maritime Cluster, Vice-President SeaEurope

"Europe must be fully aware of its nature as a great maritime power and therefore reserve, with its Institutions, a maximum of attention and availability to the Blue Economy, appropriate to what it represents in terms of turnover and employment: in the most traditional maritime activities, but also in the innovative ones, as well as in education and research."


Francis Vallat

Honorary Chairman