8th March International Women’s day

Statistics prepare for a leap forward. A thriving European maritime cluster is a diverse cluster.

The global challenges and changes that the maritime sector faces push for a broad perspective when developing sustainable solutions. Diversity is not only about the number of men or women working within an organization or industry. Nor is it limited to one’s cultural background. A truly diverse cluster embodies many different faces and personal stories. Shifting the gender balance is one of the starting points to create a diverse maritime cluster.

Today is International Women’s day. A day to reflect on the female voices within our own industry. Slowly but surely there are more women working in the maritime cluster and their visibility is increasing. However specific data are lacking. And steering towards a diverse maritime future without current statistics is sailing without compass. The European Network of Maritime Clusters will cooperate with its entire network to improve the availability and accessibility of data on the maritime cluster including data on the diversity of the cluster. Those insights will support us in setting ambitious goals and targets to take a leap forward towards into a diverse maritime environment.