Who we are ?

The European Network of Maritime Clusters is a confederation of Clusters or equivalent structures. It has to be understood as a best practices dissemination and exchange platform through the website,, informal talks and an annual summit during which each country gives a brief presentation of the economic situation of its maritime sector and the recent actions of its national organization. The aim is to establish a framework for future common targeted actions.

All of the member organizations are, or tend to be, cross-industry organizations gathering all or part of the maritime subsectors of their countries. The type of each national Cluster varies, with some being almost state-controlled or purely private-owned or being an intermediate mix. Some Clusters include inland navigation and or logistic sectors, port industries, coastal tourism, insurance and finance in their scope; others do not.

Up to now, we are not THE European Maritime Cluster but we could grow into in a few years, provided all Clusters have reached a harmonized level of development. However from ten countries at the beginning in 2005, the ENMC was continuously extending its membership and geographical coverage.

The European Network of Maritime Clusters is under the responsability of a presidium, consisting of a chairman, a vice-chairman and a secretary-general. Presently the presidium is held by :

Arjen Uytendaal Chairman







Alejandro Aznar Vice-Chairman

Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan Vice-Chairman








Vincenzo Petrone Vice-Chairman








Vacancy Secretary-General
Francis Vallat Honorary Chairman

Article 1.

The Network will use the name: European Network of Maritime Clusters, and will take domicile at the offices of one of its members. The European Network of Maritime Clusters will not constitute a legal entity and will not bind any of its members into any obligation whatsoever.

Article 2.
The Network has the mission to promote and reinforce the European Maritime Cluster

Article 3.
The European Maritime Cluster is deemed to be made up of the Maritime Sectors in the EU member states and Norway. The Network will decide from time to time on the extent of the European Maritime Cluster. For all practical purposes this definition may be different from national maritime cluster definitions used in member states and Norway.

Article 4.
In order to achieve its mission the Network will be involved in:
     1. Promotion of the concept of cluster oriented maritime industrial policy at a European level.
     2. Promotion of the concept of the European Maritime Cluster in Europe.
     3. Inventory and survey of the European Maritime Cluster in all its aspects, as well as stimulation of other parties to do so.
     4. Enhancement of cooperation between national maritime cluster organisations through intensifying contacts, exchange of information and ideas, as well as joint activities.
     5. Any other action, legally acceptable, which will serve the mission of the Network.

Article 5.
The members of the Network are national associations, authorities or other bodies in the EU member states and Norway that represent their national maritime cluster. New members will be admitted as and when existing members so consent in a simple majority vote. The names and addresses of the members of the Network will be entered in a names register, Membership of the Network will not constitute to any obligation, financially or otherwise. Members are to carry their own expenditure unless agreed otherwise.

Article 6.
The European Network of Maritime Clusters will hold Forum meetings as and when required. Representatives of the members of the Network will be invited to participate at the Forum meetings. Representatives will have adequate authority to represent their respective members.

The Forum meetings will be organized annually at alternating locations, reflecting the geographical spread of the Network’s members.

Article 7.
Members representatives in the Forum will nominate an executive board that will consist of
- Chairman
- Two or three Vice-chairmen
- Secretary general

The chairman and vice chairman will not be representatives of the same organisation. The secretary will be from the member organisation where the Network is domiciled. All functions will be carried out without entitlement to remunerations.


Article 8.
The secretariat will have the responsibility to call for an annual Forum meeting, prepare agenda and discussion documents, prepare minutes of meetings, and carry out actions as decided at the meetings. The secretariat will also keep a register of Members.


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