Overwhelming support to the ENMC initiatives at EMD 2015

Overwhelming support to the ENMC initiatives at the European Maritime Day in Piraeus – 28th and 29th May 2015


More than 1500 stakeholders, among others representatives of the Dutch Maritime Network, the Polish Maritime Cluster and  Marine South East (British Cluster), converged on Athens to celebrate the eighth European Maritime Day. ENMC Chairman Vallat and Secretary General Marceul were both asked to speak. During the discussions with the audience, the ENMC was happy to get a strong back-up for its two main fights: the necessity of a maritime economic database on the one hand, and the emergence of a strong and fully integrated European Maritime Cluster (out of the ENMC) on the other hand, both requiring some financial commitment from the European Commission. In that spirit ENMC is looking forward to the high-level discussions to take place at the next meeting in July between the Chairmen of the 18 national clusters, the European Commission and the European Parliament.

Report - "Marine data and information powering Blue Growth"



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