ENMC Chairman in Bulgaria

ENMC Chairman met Bulgarian Maritime Cluster and senior maritime officials

Upon suggestion of the Bulgarian Maritime Cluster, ENMC Chairman Francis Vallat met the key decision makers of the Bulgarian maritime sector during a brief stay in Sofia. The visit included meetings with Minister of Transport Ivaylo Moskovski, the Executive Director of the EA Maritime Administration Mr. Zhivko Petrov, and with the Deputy Executive Director of the Bulgarian SME Promotion Agency.

Discussions touched the challenges the country and its Marine Cluster are facing and how to cope with them, i.e. namely how to value the Bulgarian maritime strengths and stimulate the national maritime economy in the more general frame of European Blue Growth. The outcomes were quite positive and a number of prospects were well recongnised along with the key role of the sector for the country's economy,  since more than half of the country's borderline is on water - the Danube river and the Black Sea. The meetings enhanced the future collaboration between these important stakeholders.
The parties expect to draw more profit from the emerging and developing Blue Growth, worldwide and in Europe. Concrete measures may hopefully consist of co-operating more closely, strengthen the national Cluster itself, and increase the maritime agenda of the country,  for example trough increasing participation in missions and trade exhibitions.
Additionally, the meetings were also an opportunity to highlight the work of the Bulgarian Maritime Cluster and its  efforts to reinforce the role of the national maritime professionals. The meeting also tackled  the celebration of the European Maritime Day, which will take place in Bourgas in 2018 ( ie in Bulgaria as suggested by the Marine Cluster years ago). This will certainly enhance the visibility and draw public attention on Bulgaria’s blue growth potential.

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