Chairman Vallat in Madrid at CME General Assembly

ENMC Chairman Francis Vallat was the “special guest” at  the Yearly General Assembly of the Clúster Marítimo Español (CME) upon invitation of CME Chairman Alejandro Aznar. In front of the leaders of the whole Spanish maritime community, ENMC Chairman presented the European Network, its activities, objectives and in which spirit the ENMC is working. Looking back at his ten years as founding Chairman of the French Maritime Cluster, he also elaborated on the concept and importance of national maritime clusters. Having been a shipowner during almost three decades, Chairman Vallat finally shared his views, hopes and concerns about the fast-growing globalization-maritimization of the world, and the huge potential of the Blue Economy as a lever for growth in Europe..




CME Presidential table guests

Mr. Alfonso de Señillosa. Spanish President Cabinet Deputy Manager and National Security Department Director.
Mr. Alejandro Aznar.  Spanish Maritime Cluster Chairman.
Mr. Francis Vallat. European Network of Maritime Clusters Chairman.

Mr. Antonio Garamendi.  Spanish Confederation of the SME President and CEOE First Vice-president (CEOE is one of the most representative employers’ organization in Europe. It brings together, on a voluntary basis, more than 1,200,000 companies from the whole of Spain, covering all sectors of the economy: Agriculture, Industry, Construction and Services)

Mr. José Antonio Ruesta. Second Admiral Chief of Naval Staff. (Spanish Navy)
Mr. José Manuel Revuelta Lapique. Navantia President.
Ms. Begoña Cristeto. Industry and SME Secretary-General  (Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, Spanish government)

Mr. Rafael Rodríguez Valero. General Manager of Merchant Marine.
Mr. Alejandro Abellán. Coordination of Common Policies and General Affairs of the EU General Manager. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation)

Mr. José Llorca. Spanish Port Authority Charmain.

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