Press review

IHS Fairplay - ‘Policy-making tool’ will strengthen EU Blue Economy', September 2015


Pan European Networks : Government 08, November 18th 2013



September 2013: Press review of the 9th yearly meeting held in Lisbon


The Newsletter of New York Maritime INC, March 19th 2013


Le Marin, February 22nd, 2013 "The impact of the European maritime sector has to be assessed"  (In French)


Fairplay, February 2nd, 2012 - "Maritime Cluster takes on the EC"

Press release - ENMC declaration: UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21, 2015)

Press release after yearly meeting in Madrid (2015) "ENMC is ready to sail further but expects the wind of the Commission"

Press release - Confirmation of the study on European Maritime Economy (2015) "What is European Blue Economy worth? Survey on track”

Press release after meeting with EC Commissioner Vella (2015) "ENMC delivers two key messages on Blue Growth to European Commission and European Parliament”

Press release after MEPs letter to Commission President Juncker (2015) “Maritime policies: the European Parliament wants a more ‘clustering’ Commission! ”

Press release afer the opening of the EP Intergroup Seas and the European Maritime Day (2015) “Blue Economy” on all the fronts!”

Press release after the European Shipping Week (2015)  "Blue Economy Backbone of European Wealth!"

Press release - Yearly meeting 2014 "“United and Resolute Towards a European Maritime Cluster”

Press release - Yearly meeting 2013 "A promising new step for maritime Europe."

Press release - Yearly meeting 2012  “The European Network of Maritime Clusters urges the European Commission to fund a large, reliable, and detailed survey of the European maritime sector."

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