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Fórum Oceano – Associação da Economia do Mar (Association of Maritime Economy) is a private non-profit association created in 2009 and since them formally recognized by the Portuguese Government as the entity responsible to implement collective efficiency strategies in the Sea Economy sector. The headquarters are located in Matosinhos, Portugal, inside the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto and in proximity to the harbour of Leixões, a strength to support entrepreneurship in marine and maritime economic activities.

At present, the Association gathers 135 members from the whole country, covering different key sectors of the maritime economy, among them companies and business associations, R&D centres, higher education institutions, local authorities and other associative organizations. The Association main priority is to promote the sea as a valuable source for the economy, promoting cooperation between stakeholders through the intersection of knowledge and support for innovation, internationalization and entrepreneurship contributing, in sustainability conditions, for the country's competitiveness.

Fórum Oceano works with supply chains and customers by organizing international business contacts. By identifying projects and cooperation between academy and industry through promoting focus groups’ discussions, the organization promotes and develops innovation. Other activities in which the association is involved  include monitoring of anchor projects, dissemination of maritime affairs, promotion of studies and strategic reports, participation in national and international projects and networks, participation in B2B meetings, organizing and participation in entrepreneurial missions (e.g. Spain, France, Norway, Cape Verde, Latin America), organizing open and info days and organizing Sea Forum, yearly event in Portugal that comprises exhibition of products, business meetings and conferences about the maritime economy.

Fórum Oceano participates in cooperation projects, at regional, national and EU levels, namely REMCAP– Resource Efficient Maritime Capacity (FP7 Regions of Knowledge), AtlanticBlue Tech – Enhancing the blue biotechnology niche of excellence (INTERREG IVB) and CINMars – Combining Innovation in Maritime and Space (ESA). It has also participated as stakeholder in COFASP – cooperation in fisheries, aquaculture and seafood processing (FP7 ERANET) and has recently submitted several applications to international competitive calls.

Fórum Oceano was recognized with the BRONZE LABEL Excellence, assigned by European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI), and is considered a Public Utility Institution (publication in Diário da República - the Portuguese Official Republic Gazette, October 2014).



Fórum Oceano has a website which is regularly updated and contains all information concerning our past and futures events and activities www.forumoceano.pt

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