Finnish Maritime Association

• Established April 24, 1926 as a result of a serious naval disaster, with the aim to support the nation to rebuild a modern Navy

• After the WWII the activity was directed more to supporting and promoting the growth of the merchant fleet and shipbuilding

•   In 1970’s initiatives were made towards young generations and the Association established e.g. The Finnish Sail Training Association for building of two training schooners for the youth

•  Works on voluntary basis for all activities. No hired staff.

•  More than 300 members of which 40 are corporate members


The Finnish Maritime Association’s purpose is to work to the benefit of the Finnish Maritime Cluster, maritime culture and to promote activities related to the sea. The activities of the Association, headquartered in Helsinki, cover the entire nation.

The members are Finnish citizens or corporations or other organizations, typically connected to shipping, port activities, maritime industries, shipbuilding and services, the naval defense forces and individuals with an interest in maritime issues.

The Association has long concentrated its activities in the Finnish maritime cluster -  companies and organizations operating in the maritime sectors. As a maritime co-operation forum, the Association enhances the importance to the nation of shipping and other maritime activities, and its goal is to enhance the interest in and knowledge and appreciation on the maritime sectors. Although the Association operates on a non-profit basis and with volunteer resources, it is a good link and channel of influence to the whole maritime cluster, political decision makers, the media and the general public.

The Association arranges meetings for its members, with high-level presentations of actual issues, as well as meetings with external organizations and groups of importance for the maritime industry, in order to brief them on actual matters of interest. It also arranges excursions and visits to places of maritime interest. The Association has also regularly arranged well attended ship model exhibitions. Last such exhibition, held in Helsinki, was visited by nearly 25.000 people.

Since 1986, the Association has granted it’s ”Maritime Achievement - Honorary Award” as a recognition of major achievements for increasing knowledge and appreciation of maritime culture or businesses. This respected award has so far been granted nine times. The Association seeks to develop its actions also to the benefit of less represented new sectors of the cluster in supporting the EU’s Blue Growth goals. The Association’s target is to be a joint forum for promoting and utilizing the interests of the Finnish Maritime Cluster.

The chairman of the Association takes part in the work of the European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC),

In December 2015 the Association arranged a Blue Growth promotion seminar in which the guest speaker was Mr Haintze-J. Siemers of the EU commission. In January another seminar was arranged as a follow-up on the Finnish Maritime Transport strategy issued by the Government in April 2014.

On April 25th, 2016 the Association celebrated its 90-year anniversary by arranging a seminar where the main topic was the results of the “Finland’s Maritime Cluster 2020” study initiated by the Association and conducted by the University of Turku. Main speaker of the seminar was Ms. Anne Berner, minister of transport and communications. The main figures of the national maritime cluster were revealed by the chairman of the Association, Mr. Mikko Niini, and are shown in the attached table. The full study report will be issued by the Ministry of Economy Studies series by July 2016.

In the seminar the ninth Maritime Achievement - Honorary Award was handed over to Wärtsilä Ltd and four other prizes were awarded to Chairman of the Board Mr Hans Langh, CEO, Captain Jussi Mälkiä and Chairman of the Board Kimmo Nordström for their innovative and entrepreneurial leadership and to Aker Arctic Technology Inc for the company’s international achievements in the global icebreaking vessel market.  


Finnish Maritime Association

Särkiniementie 13 C 56

00210 HELSINKI, Finland

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Finnish Blue Economy:

  Number of enterprises Total turnover  Total number of employed Maritime sector share
    (1 000 eur)   Turnover
(1 000 eur)
Personnel directly employed
Marine Equipment Industry and Yards 867 37 864 300 107 300 7 850 800 28 600
Shipping and related businesses 253 4 040 100 13 000 3 296 400 11 800
Port activities 250 1 572 300 8 000 1 318 300 6 500
Other service operations 163 1 021 800 8 400 249 700 1 500
Total 1 533 44 498 500 136 600 12 715 300 48 400

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