The Maritime Development Center is the cluster organization for the Blue Denmark a network organization for the maritime business and stakeholders. The association was founded in 1999 and counts close to 200 members representing all aspects of the maritime cluster.

Our vision

As the maritime hub we support Denmark as being the most innovative nation among the elite of the world’s maritime nations.

We shall create value for our members within the industry by being a catalyst, facilitator and motivator. Furthermore we must continuously support the activity of our members and the cluster as a whole by focusing on networking.

  • MDC is a networking organization for the maritime industry and maritime stakeholders
  • The interaction between the members must be stimulated, among others, through meetings, conferences whereby beneficial alliances can emerge
  • Maritime conferences/exhibitions is attracted and executed
  • MDC will stimulate and communicate research, development and education
  • MDC must establish close relations with- and be part of other organizations or European- and international forums, granted such can happen aside political involvement and the alliance promotes the purpose of the organization
  • MDC participates in national as well as international research  and development projects


Powerpoint presentations - Yearly meetings

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Denmark - Update 2014

Denmark - Update 2012

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